Thematic Leads

Dr Christopher Russell (russell@csures.org) can be contacted in relation to work within the Centre on tobacco harm reduction and regulatory science related to reduced risk nicotine products.

Dr Marina Barnard (barnard@csures.org) can be contacted in relation to work on the impact of substance use on the family.

Dr Joanna Miler (j.miler@csures.org) can be contacted in relation to work on quitting smoking.

Dr Neil McKeganey (mckeganey@csures.org) can be contacted in relation to the centres work on substance use policy and practice including issues to do with the effectiveness of treatment and the reduction of smoking related harm.


The Centre for Substance Use Research has completed research projects for a range of national and international organisations from both the public and private sectors, including:

  • United Nations
  • States of Jersey
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • UK Department of Health
  • Buckinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team
  • British American Tobacco
  • Philip Morris International
  • Nicoventures
  • Fontem Ventures

Tobacco-industry funded research within CSUR is focussed on the development of harm reduction products and assessing their impact in reducing the adverse health impact of smoking. No research has been undertaken, or will be undertaken within CSUR, aimed at increasing the use of combustible tobacco products.