Children & Young People

Over the years we have carried out a great deal of research with young people. Some of this has been relatively uncomplicated like anonymous school based work with school aged kids to find out their levels of drug and alcohol experimentation and more regular use.

Other research work carried out was more demanding and complex as we worked to understand how young people live and cope with the problems created where a parent or brother or sister has serious dependency problems with substances. Much as it is important to consider the problem from the point of view of the child or the parent so it is crucial too to understand something of how involved professionals respond to children and their needs. To this end we have carried out research on professional practice and decision making in this sphere.

An outcome of research with drug affected families was the will to give this problem a voice. Too often the difficulties that these children confront are invisible and hidden. One successful means of doing this came through the opportunity to work with BBC Panorama to produce a programme offering a unique insight into these children’s lives. A later project was to put on an exhibition. Working for over 2 years with young people from all over Scotland led to the creation of a powerful and moving depiction of the daily struggles many children confront in trying to grow up well where they live in families and communities where drugs and alcohol are prevalent and problematic. ‘Trying Childhoods’ was held at the Glasgow School of Art in 2007.

These young people used paint, sculpture, video and animation to describe something of what it’s like to live with these experiences. It was a powerful depiction of the many negative ways in which drug and alcohol use affected their lives. Some of the images created by young people can be seen though linking to this BBC coverage:

The exhibition was also invited to be shown at the Scottish Parliament and at San Patrignano Therapeutic Community in Italy.


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