Current Research

Centre staff are currently undertaking a large programme of research in support of both national and international regulation of new tobacco products. This work includes studies on:

  • The impact of providing “free of charge” electronic nicotine delivery systems on smokers’ attempts to quit or reducing smoking combustible tobacco products.
  • Smokers, ex-smokers, and non-smokers views and intentions to use the heated tobacco products.
  • Assessing the rate at which smokers initiating e-cigarette use are able to switch to vaping as an alternative to smoking.
  • Reviewing the published literature on what is known about the extent to which the type of delivery system used influences the addictiveness of nicotine.
  • Research on the shifting appeal of e-cigarettes within teen friendship groups.
  • The views and experiences of smokers not using reduced risk nicotine products.
  • The views and experiences of frequent vapers within the United States.
  • The views of those witnessing vaping within public spaces and whether the sight of vaping is resulting in greater tolerance of smoking.
  • Centre staff are currently exploring the capacity to undertake behavioural research on the use and appeal of alternative nicotine delivery systems within developing countries.

Past Research